Birthday Parties:

Please call us anytime to schedule a birthday party. We offer discounts on our food and drinks based on the size of your party and have signature cakes that can be prepared ahead of time for the event. Once presents have been opened the kids can participate in decorating their own donuts for themselves or family and friends. We’ll box up any leftovers for your convenience.


In order to meet the requirements for our catering, we have a 6 dozen order minimum per event. However, we will always consider any event. We offer 10% right off the top before we figure out the size of the order, and our bulk prices are always cheaper than our individual prices. We need 48 hours notification for any new account before we can fulfill an order. All food provided by us will be delivered by our staff to the event before it begins. We also offer assistance in setting up the display. Clean-up after the event will need to be provided by the organization, as we will not be there for the event.


If you are involved with an organization that feeds the homeless, or operate a non-profit organization that benefits the community, and would like to hand out Rise & Shines donuts, please contact us for a date and pickup times. We have a limited number of products to donate, and it will never be the same amount on any given day.

Free Donuts:

If you work for the Fremont Police Department or are a part of the normal Nebraska State Patrol for Fremont and the surrounding communities, you can stop by our shop and receive up to 2 free donuts or rolls per day. Drinks are excluded. If you’re interested in providing your co-workers with donuts, we also offer a 25% discount on any sized order to the aforementioned parties.